Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Conceptual Garden 2017

Tusk is delighted to be working with Ferguson & Whyte on the “Not For Sale” conceptual garden at the RHS Hampton Court Show 2017, kindly sponsored by Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens.


Tusk’s Work

Since 1990, Tusk has identified, backed and developed projects that forge links between the preservation of Africa’s natural heritage and the future of its land, culture and people. Some projects supported by Tusk focus on just one of these areas. But we know that’s not enough to create lasting change.

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The Illegal Ivory Trade

The African elephant population has crashed from 1.3m in 1979 to 415,000 today.

Experts estimate that Africa is now losing approx 20,000 elephants per annum to poaching for ivory. The current rate of decline is unsustainable.

Taking action

HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Prince William became Royal Patron of Tusk Trust in December 2005. “To me, projects supported by Tusk – particularly those which combine the protection of endangered species with innovative initiatives for alleviating poverty in remote rural communities – show a clear way forward.”

Royal Patron

The garden has been inspired by the devastating effects of the ivory trade. We would like our garden to send a strong message that this has to stop. Our garden will have a sombre atmosphere, whilst also being hugely thought provoking and emotive. The garden is circular and visitors will be encouraged to walk through a ring of tusk arches. There are one hundred pairs of tusks, representing the approximate amount of African elephants killed by poachers each day. As the visitor walks through the arch, sounds of the African savanna will play around them, adding to the atmosphere.

As you reach the end of the arch walk, the garden opens up into an African savanna, where the bones of an elephant lay in the dust, as a symbol of the uncomfortable truth that is imminent if action is not taken in the very near future. The visitors can walk around paths in this central area, before exiting the garden. The planting throughout will be natural African savanna style. Arid grasses, plants and trees will help create a real sense of Africa. We will be using orange/yellow stone for the pathways, again in keeping with the African dirt tracks.

We are delighted to announce that the Not for Sale Garden has been awarded Silver

Many thanks to the following companies for their generosity in supporting the garden: